10 Signs Your Marriage Won’t Last for Another Year

marriage won't last
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If you feel that your marriage won’t last, you need to read this!

Being married is at the top of the list of lifetime achievements, especially if you’re in a happy marriage. However, more often than not, that doesn’t happen.

More often than not, you fall in love with someone very hard, you spend years together, you go through stuff together, and for some reason or another, things don’t work out.

Many relationship experts would say that marriage requires hard work, commitment, and active involvement, and they’re not wrong. That is, indeed, the ideal solution to such a difficult situation.

But what if you can’t fix your marriage? What if there’s nothing you can do? What if you’ve been blind and don’t even know the person you married? If these questions resonate with you, then you’re probably thinking that your marriage won’t last. If you need advice, here are some telltale signs that it might be true:

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