Schizophrenia: 5 Telltale Signs of a Debilitating Disorder

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Schizophrenia is a serious condition. How much do YOU know about it?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness affecting millions of people all around the world. It can impair an individual’s thoughts and cause them to feel and see things that aren’t real. This disorder can be extremely terrifying for people who don’t receive the proper treatment.

But it’s a mental illness that’s manageable if the proper help is received. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says that schizophrenia affects both women and men the same way, and in our country, about 2.4 million people suffer from the disorder.

Men are commonly diagnosed with the condition sometime in their late teens to early twenties. On the other hand, women are commonly diagnosed with it in their late twenties to early thirties.

It’s been shown that it speeds up physical aging and the average life span of a person with this disorder is 20 to 23 years less than the general population. Essentially, schizophrenic people in their 50s will have similar health to those in their 70s.

Schizophrenia will also interfere with a person’s ability to handle their emotions properly. So let’s look at 5 warning signs you should be aware of.

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4 Responses

  1. Is it possible to have a relationship with someone who has been diagnosed? This person is so Inteligent and is enjoyable to be around half the time, but then can turn on a dime into a complete jerk and make messes and damage things in my home, even stealing items. Until I read this article I had no idea that these behaviors are common. I don’t know what to do because I care dearly for this person, and we’re trying to have a relationship, but it’s no wonder why all of my best efforts have been dethwarted.

    As far as I know he has been prescribed an anti-depressant and Xanax which he doesn’t take most days. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. You did not discuss the onset of Schizophrenia beyond the 20’s for men and 30’s for women.

    Developing Schizophrenia as the result of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and/or traumatic events.

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