Money Troubles With Your Spouse? Here Are 7 Smart Tips to Avoid Fights

Money Trouble
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Having money troubles is tough. Fighting with your spouse about it makes it worse!

Whether it’s about who’s washing the dishes or how much to spend on a vacation, in relationships, the same fights seem to happen over and over again. And it turns out that only 31% of marital problems are really straightforward and solvable, according to research.

The other ones tend to be more ongoing because people have different fundamental needs, personalities, and life experiences prior to the relationship. As one of these “perpetual problems,” money troubles are something spouses are guaranteed to be a constant in their lives.

We get it. Money is tied to other values, like honesty and trust. If people can’t trust each other around money, then they likely can’t trust each other about a lot of other things because money is such a basic thing in any relationship.

And while there’s no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution to eliminating fights about money troubles for good, couples do best when they have ongoing dialogues about their issues.

So we talked to the experts. Continue reading to learn about the 7 steps to follow that will help you stop fighting about money troubles with your spouse.

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