If Your Husband Says These Things, He Doesn’t Deserve You!

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From time to time, it happens to all of us. At some point, you will say something that is not okay to somebody. And this is fine. Try to understand why it is wrong, apologize, and then move on.

When we are talking about your husband, though, the scenario might vary a little bit. There are some things that are never okay to say to a woman, even more so to your wife. And it’s not like they are hidden; these phrases are well known to everybody, and it’s implied that they are not the best things to say.

Sometimes this happens by accident; maybe your partner wanted to compliment you but he is not very good at it. But other times, people are only saying them to offend.

So, pay attention when you are talking to your husband, and if he says any of these things, maybe this is a sign that he is not respectful at all. 

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  1. I’ not sure you are as correct as you seem to think you are. But you have the absolute right to express yourself and your beliefs however you choose. My wife and I have been together for 34 years and she is keenly aware that I love her and mean no harm to her ego or self esteem. She is not perfect
    and neither am I. Nor does either one of us expect that in each other. By what I have read here, it seems you are always on the lookout and ready to pounce on someone as if you are the proper police. I feel there is a great majority of us normal humans that realize we re going to make some mistakes along the way and it’s more important in how we handle that matter, much more than being the perfect word choice master. This is just my thoughts on the matter and they may not align with yours, and that’s okay as well. We don’t always have the same views but can still be correct in what we express. I think it’s more important what was meant than what was said.
    When one of us says something “you” may not like, we laugh about it. We call it Love.

  2. This underlies why American men would be foolish to engage in any relationship with American women. They really do not deserve what we have to offer. This is why wise American men looking for wives to build families look abroad.

    1. That is the most asinine thing I have heard anyone say in a long time! It has nothing to do with looking for mates abroad. What matters is love and respect for each other! I ought to know because I’ve been married to the love of my life for 44+ years!!!!

  3. We are allowed to express ourselves free of condemnation. However it comes out doesn’t matter. Both are adults and are capable of extreme acceptance of the other. Dialogue and remedy are your best result.

    Deal breaker is intolerance and superiority behaviors.

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