8 Signs a Mother-in-Law Is Secretly Jealous

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8. Mind games? Her favorite activity

“If you don’t come to us for Christmas, then you don’t love me enough!” That’s one of the million things a jealous and manipulative mother-in-law will tell her family, especially her daughter-in-law. And if you don’t agree with her and say that you’re busy because you already have other plans, all hell will break loose. She will likely attempt to control you and her son by using the silent treatment and outright intimidation.

Moreover, she will also be revengeful and destructive toward them if her own son does not support her. This will result in a huge so-called “guilt trip,” in which you both might be tempted to give up in order to make her happy.

Bottom line

Dealing with a jealous and manipulative mother-in-law can be very daunting and stressful, especially from a psychological point of view. In fact, for a lot of people, having her in their lives might worsen existing problems or possibly create new ones in their relationships with their family and even with themselves.

Then what can you do? Many psychologists advise to avoid escalating conflicts and, if possible, try to detach from the situation as much as possible. After that, try to express what your boundaries are and why you think they are important to you. If none of these work, try to convince her to be honest with you about your situation. In some cases, this can work out very well, and in the end, it won’t hurt to try!

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