8 Signs a Mother-in-Law Is Secretly Jealous

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3. Playing the victim like a pro

Many psychologists claim that a genuine victim won’t make their suffering public by telling everyone what they’ve gone through. Only liars will pretend to be the victim in front of people they wish to impress. In this instance, a jealous mother-in-law who is insecure and upset that her son selected another lady to be his “most important person” will attempt to conceal herself behind this created image.

4. She always has passive-aggressive behavior towards you

A jealous mother-in-law will always try to embarrass her daughter-in-law in order to lift herself up. She will use different tactics to shake the other person’s confidence or, worse, trigger a specific insecurity. In most cases, people like this are patient enough to observe and know their opponent’s behavior to take advantage of it in the end.

Jealous people will use everything they can against you without feeling sorry for what they said. If you’re living in the same house with her and you’re facing this behavior on a daily basis, it’s advised to start a conversation about it, no matter how hard it may seem. Communication is the key to every issue…

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