6 Smart Tips on Adjusting to Living Alone as a Senior

Living Alone
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Are you worried about living alone as a senior?

Growing old and living alone is one of the new dilemmas many Americans face today. More and more people seem to be living alone for several reasons. One could be that almost half of the adults in our country are single.

Another is that people wait too long before they get married. And a final crucial factor is that about half of marriages nowadays end in divorce. It’s a vital part of the human psyche to be social and coexist with others.

We’re so hard-wired to interact with people that denying it can cause mental health conditions like depression. Yet even with this predisposition toward mental disorders, 27% of the American public aged 60 and over live alone.

With all the changes and challenges that come with aging, it can be hard for many seniors to feel as though they’re living a full life once they retire.

So we’ve decided to dig a little deeper to find out if living alone at 55 and beyond is something we should worry about and how we can continue to live an enriched life.

…Here are 6 smart tips on adjusting to a solo senior life!

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  1. I started a group of 10 ladies who get together on the 3rd. Thursday of the month and play the phase 10 card game. We begin at 11 am and eat hour devours and drink wine. Then we have lunch at about 12:30 pm. and then go back to the card game. We are all retired ladies and we rotate the card game at different ladies’ homes.

    We also go to other events together, and some of us go to Zumba class together and others go to Line Dancing class together. This year, a number of us started working as substitutes in the office at our local school system. We keep pretty busy. But it all started with our card game.

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