Misdiagnosed Mental Illnesses: 4 Shocking Ones Commonly Overlooked

Misdiagnosed Mental Illnesses
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Did you know about the most common misdiagnosed mental illnesses in our country?

It is not often that we like to stop and think about commonly misdiagnosed mental illnesses; however, it is something that needs our attention, and we should not ignore the fact that a huge number of patients do not end up getting the care they need due to such mistakes.

Indeed, it is not something anyone is proud of; however, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has done the math and found that more than half of adults and a surprising more than 60% of adolescents have a mental health issue alongside a developed substance abuse problem. The numbers do not lie, and if we look closely at what they tell us, in most cases, a lot of the substance abuse cases could have been prevented if the individuals got adequate mental health support and their illnesses were discovered in due time.

It does not stop at these co-occurring mental health issues, as there are a number of misdiagnosed mental illnesses that just fly under the radar, causing issues not only for those who live with them but also for their loved ones and, at times, even for their living environment. To discover which of these misdiagnosed mental illnesses exist and how such a mistake can affect people at large, keep reading!

Have you ever had a problem with a misdiagnosis? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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