Wives Who Hate Their Husbands Usually Do This

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Does your wife appear distant and cold to you? Even if you are married to the woman you adore, do you still experience loneliness and depression? Do you always feel that your wife despises you? You sense that your spouse and you are now separated by an invisible wall.

Rather than greeting you with a big smile and filling your life with joy and love, your wife now comes across as cold and uncaring. There is a good chance that your wife hates you if you can relate to these portrayals of marriage.

You get the impression that she doesn’t really care about you. These all might be signs that indicate that she has lost interest in you or that your relationship has grown stale. 

Whatever the reasons for her change in attitude toward you, coming to the knowledge that “my wife dislikes me” is frightening. This revelation is frequently followed by the relentless question, “Why does my wife despise me?”

Asking yourself this question can help you figure out the underlying causes of her changing her attitude toward you, but you also need to consider how you may make things right. 

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  1. This is very common issue among most couples. No one knows the real reasons why this happens and is never good to any couple. Divorce rate skyrocketting because couple do not compromise anymore. No more discussion to bring up issues. Sad because this is the most important time of their marriage lives! What to do is a matter of individual task.

  2. The movie “THE WAR OF ROSES” depicts the decline of a marriage 💑from BLISS TO DISASTER!! It is a DARK COMEDY, that is very close to reality!!

  3. Well that sucks that the wife hates ya but just maybe you hate and despise her also and if thats the case then you should get the hell out no one says you have to be togather and even if you still think shes the one and you love her you cant have her hating you so move on to another lady that wants you and tell her later babe go find what your looking for.

  4. You are spot on with everything that you have said except that it’s the other way around, I’m the wife feeling like this and its him the husband that could care less, but ah…. Except when the narcissist wants me ( the) wife to get something and he’s not going to come out and ask for it so he manipulates me into some sort, somehow, I tend to find myself focusing on him doing more chores are pulling more weight in the Marriage and THATS Just Not So… And So I’ve Been Turning Back To My Faith In Christ Jesus and My Eyes 👀 Are Truly Open And He would get in his Bible just enough for me to think 🧐 he was and is trying to be this Man of God! So here We Are?? I’m Not Touching That with A 10ft. Pole-Matthew 7:1 I Love ❤️ Love Your Article it was Spot On I wished you Accepted Insurance I’m 65 on MARCH 20, the Lords been Good Me! I’ve been diagnosed PTSD, Bipolar, etc…. But I say Tri-Polar -Father -Son-Holy Spirit-Amen, I have been Seeing and becoming aware of my behaviors and starting to change because of Prayer 🙏🏽 and Jesus Christ in my Heart ❤️ I always felt it was Him, funny 😄 I’m finding out that a lot of the things were me! 🤩 wow !

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