Are You Being Brainwashed? Here Are 9 Alarming Signs!

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Do You Think YOU’RE Being Brainwashed?

Being brainwashed is a form of emotional abuse in many toxic relationships. Certain narcissistic people engage in brainwashing tactics without their partners ever realizing it. It’s essentially a way of trying to take control of a person’s mind.

These types of people generally try to control, restrict, or change the thoughts of their victims. So what kind of people tend to fall into these traps?

Typically, if you’re a perfectionist or creative, goal-oriented, or have a self-sacrificing personality, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a narcissist who uses brainwashing methods. And there are lots of ways in which brainwashing occurs in relationships.

The first step is love bombing, and we’ll learn a bit more about that later on. But there are many more signs to look out for! Here’s how to tell if you’re being brainwashed by your partner!

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