9 Things Men Do When They’re Just Not Into You

Relationships are not all rainbows and unicorns. In the early stages of a relationship, potential partners try to get to know and find out more about each other. In that stage, you might feel butterflies in your stomach and want to see the other person as often as possible.

More than that, you want to know if the other person is the one for you, if they have the same feelings and if you two can have a future together. Obviously, men and women will have different approaches when it comes to relationships and even their expectations.

However, according to relationship experts, compared to women, men give clearer signs that they are not interested in continuing a relationship. Curious to know what these are? Then read on to find out what men usually do when they are no longer into someone.

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Spot the signs. Men do these things when they are not interested:

  1. He only contacts you on the weekends or at night

According to New York City-based dating expert Sarah Lauren, if you’re only called during the weekends, it means you are not their main interest. If a man is only available to you during the weekends, it means he has nothing else to do and he’s just trying to fill up their time.

More than that, if you only receive texts at night, according to Lauren, it should be your cue that it’s a “booty call”. If you want something more, don’t answer that call.

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  1. You’re only invited to the bedroom

It’s not unusual in a relationship to want different things. Usually, when partners are not on the same page, the relationship will not last that long. When a man doesn’t want something serious, he will keep you away from his life. If the bedroom is the only place you’re invited to, it’s pretty clear what his intentions are.

“You get the gist as to why you would be in the bedroom, but if I have to say it out for you, he just wants to hook up,” Lauren explains.

A man who wants to get to know the real you and have a real thing with you, will ask you out on dates, introduce his friends and plan as many things together as possible to make the relationship thrive. If he’s not doing that, he’s just not into you and you’d better move on.

  1. He’s a “bad texter”

When a man constantly uses the excuse that he’s a bad texter or that texting is not his thing, take it as a sign that he’s not really interested. Why? Because someone who wants to know more about you, will take the time and make the effort to talk to you, even via text messages. If he is indeed that bad at texting, he could always call you.

On the other hand, men who are not really into someone will use any excuse to avoid interaction with that person, text messages included.

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  1. He doesn’t make plans with you

An interested person will do everything to spend time with you. If the man you’re seeing speaks about plans that involve the two of you, then, he clearly wants to see you more. At the other end of the spectrum, if a man is not involving you in any of his plans, if he doesn’t ask about your free time, you can take it as a sign that things are not heading in the right direction. Not for you, at least.

“If he’s interested in you, he will make that plan and pursue it and do something special for you because he wants you to be his—and not anyone else’s. He doesn’t want you to have that chance to be on a date with somebody else,” suggests Lauren.

Someone who wants to get to know you better will want to find out what you’ve been up to since you last saw each other, what are your plans and the like. If he doesn’t want to know anything about you and how you spend your time, he simply doesn’t care.

  1. They use a certain “code word”

As explained by Lauren, a code word is something a man constantly uses to call plans off. For example, if he’s always telling you that he is busy, it means he just doesn’t want to see you. He’ll keep saying it until you realize that he’s not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

Of course, everyone can be busy at times. But someone who wants to see you will make time to do so; after all, time isn’t made for things, you make time to see those you want to hang out with. If a man is not putting in any effort to evade their seemingly busy schedule and hand out with you, it means “being busy” is just an excuse to avoid meeting you.

  1. He’s not touchy

People have different love languages and that’s what makes us special. Some like declarations, others like services while others like being touched. This doesn’t mean someone has to be all over you to show you that they like you. But they do need to show some small gestures of affection or attraction like touching your hand, your back, grabbing your hand etc.

If a man doesn’t do any of these things, it might be because he doesn’t like you that much. According to Lauren, “Guys are so touchy, guys love physical attention—guys need that in their life. If he doesn’t want it from you, of offering it to you, he’s probably getting it and reserving it for someone else.

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  1. He doesn’t tell you about the good things that happen

A man who sees you as more than a fling will want to share the good and the bad with you. If you’re not getting any information on the good things that happen in his life, chances are, the man you’re seeing doesn’t see you as a potential partner.

When someone does not open up and share the good news, like a promotion, a family event etc., they are most likely not interested in you. Even more so if you hear it from other people instead of from the person you’re supposedly dating.

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  1. He’s annoyed by you

Another sign that a man is not interested in you is he constantly seems annoyed and frustrated, no matter what you do. If he’s always in a bad mood when he’s with you, chances are he is annoyed by your presence and can’t seem to find a way out of it.

It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you; it can be that your personalities are too different and can’t find common ground. Don’t fret. It’s a complete waste of time to hang out with someone you can’t have a good time with, anyway.

  1. He doesn’t listen to you

Communication is essential to any relationship. If a man doesn’t engage in a conversation with you, on trivial or more serious matters, take it as a sign that something’s wrong. If you start a dialogue only to find yourself in a monologue because the other person is not paying attention to what you’re saying, it might mean that he just doesn’t care what you have to say or what happens in your life. A man who likes you will listen to you and actively engage in conversation to show you just that his feelings are genuine.

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