9 Biggest Mistakes Most Women Make In Their Relationships

Men come from Mars and women come from Venus. This is real. No matter how much one gender tries to understand and convince the other one that they are right (or wrong) about something, the truth is men and women have different visions and approaches when it comes to relationships.

Both men and women have their fair share of challenges they need to overcome in order to live happily ever after with their significant others. But in order to get to that blissful life together with your partner, there are some things you need to experience first and learn from the mistakes you or others around you made in your relationship(s).

With that in mind, here are 9 of the biggest mistakes women usually make when it comes to their relationships.

Women and Relationships:

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They don’t know their value

According to relationship experts, this is one if the most common mistakes women make in relationships. Being attracted by bad guys, only to be treated poorly; chasing emotionally unavailable men only to be feel ignored and lonely; Hoping that your partner will change one day to meet your expectations and needs. These are all common behaviors of women who are not aware of their real value.

As explained by specialists, people in general, fear two things: that they are not enough and that they won’t be loved. Women, generally take these fears to higher levels than men. If you do too, it’s time to stop. Until you love and respect yourself, no man will ever do it for you. So, learn, step by step to value yourself more and the love you deserve will come your way eventually.

They rely too much on their masculine energy

Women have successful careers in all sorts of domains; they are reputed doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs…but when it comes to their personal lives, some can’t seem to find or keep the right guy for them. According to psychologists, successful women rely too much on their masculine energy when it comes to their professional life that they no longer know how to connect with their feminine energy in their personal life.

In other words, being in your masculine energy all the time makes men think they have no place or role in your life. This doesn’t mean you should rely on a man for every single aspect of your life, but, do allow your partner to show you what he can do for you, instead of doing everything by yourself.

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They don’t understand men

Women who figured out how men work also discovered the talent of kissing a frog and turning it into a prince. But things can easily happen the other way around, namely a good man is turned into a frog by a woman who is constantly frustrated, annoyed or too afraid to get burned again.

The truth is women usually hold the power, as they are more complex than man. If you understand the simplicity by which men live their lives and act/react in their relationships, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Relationships experts explain that if women learn how to inspire their partners to be the best version of themselves, then their relationships will thrive and be successful.

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They try to change men

Men are not projects. You don’t start dating a guy and then try to fix him and make him change so that it fits your Prince Charming image. There’s nothing more off-putting to men than a woman who is constantly criticizing them, their wardrobe, their manners or grooming habits.

Sure, you can always make a few suggestions, but only if the situation imposes it. Women have a natural way of taking care of others so, it may not seem like such a big deal to tell someone that they should do something in a different, better way. But such situations often don’t have the expected result. Men might consider them insulting and emasculating.

Before making any complaints, ridiculing or criticizing a man, ask yourself if you would like to be criticized and teased every step of the way?

They don’t appreciate what men do for them

While most women don’t really appreciate themselves at their true value, there are also women who see themselves as the center of the universe. They make everything about them and don’t appreciate anything that a partner does for them.

Nothing and no one is good enough but still expect all sorts of gifts and prizes from their partners. Does gold digger sound familiar to you? It might not be a nice term, but it is an accurate description of how some women behave. Would you like to be at the receiving end of such a behavior? If you’ve also acted this way with men, you not succeeding in having a healthy relationship might be karma hitting back at you.

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They create drama instead of memories

Men are simple creatures, led by logic and reason, black and white, no in-between. They are pre-wired to be providers, to solve things and simplify situations. Men are generally more relaxed and easy-going and hate complications. Women, on the other hand, see all the colors of the rainbow and are not afraid to put them into words and behaviors.

That’s why men absolutely dislike drama and run for the hills when women create it more often than not. If you often find yourself caught in your emotions and your partner gives you all of his attention, just know, that this won’t last forever. No man will like a woman who constantly stirs things up. It is mentally exhausting and emotionally drenching.

They don’t build trust — or break it

This is valid for both genders, but since we’re talking about men, if a man is thinking of building a future with you, he needs to know, or at least believe, that you trust him and support him for better or for worse. Every man wants to be a hero for the woman he loves, protect her and make her feel safe.

But if the woman next to him cannot seem to trust him and commit to having his back, then that’s exactly what she is going to see from him: his back while walking out the door. This doesn’t mean that you should trust someone blindly, but, in the case of your partner, it is important for him to feel that he is with someone with the same standards, principle and level of commitment to the relationship.

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They try to tie men down too soon

This is something that women can’t seem to shake off. They imagine themselves as brides, wives, mothers after just one kiss, one date, one passionate night. Hold your horses, ladies. A kiss or an intimate encounter is not enough to tie a man down. Not to mention that some don’t even consider themselves in a relationship, let alone consider marriage. It’s not even men’s fault, it’s in their DNA to appreciate freedom more than anything in the world. This doesn’t mean they do not want a family, or that women should not fantasize about marrying someone, as long as they are aware that it is just that, for the time being—a fantasy.

As explained by specialists, even men who exude masculine energy will eventually give in and commit to a person and a relationship, once they see that that person has something better to offer. The secret is to wait for the right moment. Allow the man to be the pursuer and to surrender of his own volition, not by you forcing his hand to do it.

They don’t inspire men enough to see a future together

Whether we like it or not, dating is a competition. We all want to find and be with people that make us feel good about ourselves and feel like we’ve drawn the long straw. In an ideal situation, both partners feel blessed to having met their significant other, appreciate and express their gratitude for having them in their lives.

Unfortunately, in some cases, men might feel like they resonate with you and not feel on the same page as you. Don’t take it at something dramatic, after all, it’s normal not to click with every person you meet. But if there are things you can improve so that you do inspire the man you want to see a future with you, don’t waste anymore time and get to it. Learning how to behave and react towards men increase your chances of finding the right kind of partner.




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